La Zuppa

Engage and Connect on social media

With an audience of 18,000 fans on facebook, each week we inspire them to live well with facts, insights and inspiration. Curating content that heroes our natural ingredients and their health benefits has driven engagement rates on Facebook above industry average. The content then follows through to the brand’s blog where consumers are inspired with recipes and tips for living well. Brand fans are driven back to the website via regular eDMs and facebook promotions.

Services: Strategy, Content development, Social media, Direct marketing


Hero Ingredients and their health benefits
Showcasing the all natural ingredients used across the La Zuppa range helps to reinforce the quality of the product and fits with what our health aware followers want from their food and their social media.

What are you having with your La Zuppa?
Our research showed that consumers paired their La Zuppa with salads, sandwiches and fresh veggies. So we showcase the soup with these foods across our social media content.